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Kildare's: Chris' Team...51

Cedar: Phoenixvillains...45

Old State Tavern: Dildo T. Baggins...50

Christopher’s: 1-877-Kars for Kids...37

The Office with Ryan Henry: It's Spring Break, M.F.ers…50.5


Name that Tune

Cedar Hollow:

Erin go Braless...3 Wins
JnT...2 Wins
If the World Was Ending, You'd Come Over, Right?...2 Wins
Paige and Dave...1 Win



Wuhan Clan...3 Wins
Big Mike...2 Wins
Dildo T. Baggins...1 Win
6 Feet Dougie Fresh...1 Win
Does it Come With a Lime...1 Win

Stolen Sun with Ryan Henry:

M-M-M-M-My Corona...4 Wins
School's Out For Corona...2 Wins
The Kidz Table...1 Win

Thanks to everyone for coming out to play!!

Hope to see you this week!!!

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